1.4 Update

The 1.4 update is here! here's whats new:

Global leaderboard: there's a new leaderboard where you can view the 15 best times from around the world!

Dedicated settings menu: in the new settings menu you can change the sensitivity, quality of the game and hide or show an fps counter.

Two more levels: there are new two more levels that can be played.

1.5 Plans:

Menu music: Some nice music to listen to while viewing the controls or changing the settings.

Audio: Some sounds that will play as you jump, run, fall, etc.

Two new levels: some more levels to play

Future plans:

Menu after levels: a menu that will showup after beating a level, Where you can get ready for the next one. you could also view the top 10 best times for that level.

A hub: here you would choose the level you want to play, or try beat all of them at the same time.


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97 days ago

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